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You volunteer right? Why not get credit for it!

  • Michigan Student Service Award - Award signed by Michigan's Governor honoring high school seniors who have accumulated 400 or more verified service hours over the course of their 4-year high school career. Student receives a signed certificate as well as an honor medal that can be worn during graduation ceremony.
  • Presidential Service Award - Award signed by the President of the United States, honoring students per age category. Minimum number of volunteer hours per category must be achieved to be recognized with Bronze, Silver or Gold pin. This achievement can be obtained multiple times.

Our United Way Community Engagement Center understands the importance of volunteer service in the community. We encourage volunteerism throughout high school, knowing the benefit that students will receive not only from the service itself, but also when it comes to applying for post-secondary schools and employment. With this in mind, we found it beneficial to our youth volunteers to incur the cost of purchasing these medals and pins and awarding them during our Community Volunteer Recognition luncheon held in April each year.

There is no cost to the school, student or family for this award. Hours must be submitted annually at the end of February following the year that hours were obtained. Beginning in March of the year prior to a student's Freshman year of High School, through February of the year of high school graduation, hours may be accumulated and tracked for each award. 


Are you a high school senior who has volunteered 400 hours or more?

Part of your hour verification includes sending our office one (1) photo - a senior picture is acceptable - and a completed MSSA Form with Reflective Essay.

Essay, photo and form must be returned to United Way's Community Engagement office no later than April 1.

Download the MSSA Guideline form