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Welcome to the United Way of the EUP's Community Engagement Center

Interested in an Internship with United Way of the EUP?

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Do you want to help make your community a better place for everyone? Have you thought about giving back, but aren't sure where your skills are needed most?

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Our Community Engagement Center serves as a hub for volunteers and organizations in the Eastern Upper Peninsula to find meaningful, supportive connections between those looking to give of themselves, and those in need of assistance.

Our role in the community is centered on the ability to connect people with an opportunity to serve by:
  • Building the capacity for effective local volunteering
  • Promoting volunteering by recognizing volunteers for their important service
  • Participating in the strategic initiatives that mobilize volunteers

Since its official launch in June 2000, the Volunteer Center has reached into virtually every neighborhood in the community to promote, recognize and link to service for area residents. Whether helping to conduct student service days within local schools, convening local stakeholders to address identified needs in the community, or recognizing outstanding service performed, the Community Engagement Center is at the heart of service in our EUP community.

We are one of 28 Volunteer Centers across the state, that help shape new programs and services available in Michigan.

What does our Volunteer Center do?

Our Volunteer Center provides several different areas of service.  If you have any questions please contact us!  We are always glad to let you know more about what we offer the Community.

  1. We provide Volunteer Opportunities for the public in the Luce, Chippewa & Mackinac County area.
  2. We help agencies find Volunteers for day to day tasks and larger events, these can be short or long term.
  3. We pre-screen Volunteers for skills, experience, interests, and time commitment - including background checks for FREE.
  4. We focus on Service Projects (11-18 yrs) for area youth and service groups to encourage youth Volunteerism and create Leadership Opportunities for their future.
  5. We partner with agencies on projects for capacity building and relationships.
  6. We utilize VISTA and AmeriCorps Volunteers.
  7. Several times a year we offer Volunteer training's for those people who utilize volunteers.
  8. We host an Annual Volunteer Luncheon to thank the Volunteers in our Tri-County area.
  9. Provide monthly Volunteer Recognition through small tokens though our Volunteer of the Month Program.
  10. We answer a variety of HELP calls from community members and those are listed in the reports below.
  11. and much more!

Contact our Volunteer Center at 906-632-3700x3 or sign up today!  Click here