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Why Partner With United Way

Benefits For Your Company

  • Builds employee morale and fosters a sense of team spirit
  • Helps everyone work to Advance the Common Good and LIVE UNITED
  • Cultivates leaders through employee development opportunities
  • Provides information on critical community issues and opportunities to be part of he solution
  • Connects your company and employees to the community

Benefits For Individuals

  • Helps employees make informed investments
  • Helps employees become involved with local nonprofit agencies
  • Provides information on local health and human service needs
  • Provides a sense of community by being part of the change and LIVING UNITED

To Maximize Impact

  • Brings together individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and agencies
  • Collaborates on targeted community solutions
  • Unites the community by working together to accomplish things that no organization, no individual and no government can accomplish on its own

To Drive Positive Community Change

  • Addresses root causes of problems, not just temporary band-aid solutions
  • Invests in proven solutions and supports innovative ideas
  • Measures results and reports back to you
  • Encourages ADVOCACY for what you believe in

To Reach The Whole Community

  • Offers a centralized, community-wide fundraising approach
  • Provides cost-effective and efficient services
  • Supports local nonprofit health and human service agencies and their programs
  • Provides volunteer opportunities and Volunteer Center support services