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What would we do without YOU?

United Way of the EUP Surpasses 2016-2017 Campaign Goal at $301,641

 United Way of the EUP is excited to announce that we have exceeded our Campaign Goal for 2016-      2017 by raising $301,641.

  “It’s been a truly transformational year for our organization,” said Suzanne Prell, Executive Director. “We    have moved from a fundraiser to engaging the community in the work we do.”

 Surpassing our 2016-17 campaign goal wouldn’t have been possible without support from our E.U.P.  community, sponsors and dedicated volunteers. This support has made it possible to begin a new  volunteer program, available this fall.

 For several years United Way has been changing over to a community impact model. This model ties  local funding to program outcomes in Health, Education, and Financial Stability. Annually, volunteers join  our Citizen’s Review Panel to determine grant awards from the money raised in Chippewa, Mackinac,  and Luce Counties. Program Outcomes are measured on their ability to improve community conditions.

 To learn how to get involved or for more information please contact United Way at 906-632-3700 or To live better, we must LIVE UNITED.

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Remember: your investment helps to address these four identified Community Impact Areas:

  • Education
  • Income
  • Health
  • Basic Human Needs

Campaign Leaders Welcome Challenge to LIVE UNITED

Community volunteers drive the United Way! The annual fund raising drive is headed by volunteer campaign leaders and coordinated by a team of volunteers assigned to particular individuals and businesses in the community. Volunteers pass out the campaign information to their neighbors and co-workers and solicit the return of donations and pledges.

The distribution of the amount raised starts with Citizens Review Panels, comprised of over 50 local United Way donors, who hear the funding requests from the agencies supported by the United Way, and who make recommendations for distribution of the funds. The United Way Board of Directors, again community volunteers, reviews the panel recommendations, and adjusts them if necessary as budget considerations require. The Board oversees the operations and expenses of the United Way, making sure that it serves its intended purpose.

Thank you to our many community volunteers who make United Way truly a community organization!